Proudly Australian Family Owned & Operated Who are we?>

How quick can you deliver my goods?????

Kiddimoto freight leaves our warehouse daily, so as long as we have your order before noon each day, all things going well your order will be despatched the same day. more

How do I decide what Kiddimoto bike to buy?

It is down to your preference. What is your child's favorite colour? What is their favourite style. Our website has a brief description of each style of bike. Alternatively, ... more

Are the tyres the same as normal bike tyres?

The tyres are pneumatic. They have an inner tube just like a pedal bike. The tyre size is 12 inches. more

Where can I get spare parts?

We can replace any part for you. Just Contact Us for help on this. more

Where are your bikes made?

They are designed in the UK and made in China. more

How do I keep my child's bike in the best possible condition?

Ensure it does not get wet. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Keep inside when not being used. For more information see our Bike Care page. more

What are your bikes made of?

They are wooden bikes. The body is made from quality Russian birch plywood. The bikes have rubber air tyres.

Our metal bikes also have real pneumatic tyres and a light... more

Are your balance bikes heavy?

They weigh between 3 and 7kg. It depends on the model. Check the product description for each bike. They are less than half the weight of a regular metal bicycle. more

How easy is it to assemble the bikes?

It is very simple. All instructions are straightforward and have easy to follow pictures. more

Why are your bikes not a bit cheaper?

We offer high quality products and service. They are not cheap but they are very good value for the quality of the product. Our whole aim is to get your child out having adve... more