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How To Inspect Your Kiddimoto Bike For Mantainance

Posted by Courtney Williams on

A photo of a boy with his Valentino Rossi helmet and Superbike balance bike facing the ocean, and a caption that reads "How To Inspect Your Kiddimoto Bike For Maintenance"

How do you know if your Kiddimoto balance bike is still in top condition after regular use by a toddler? By regularly inspecting your balance bike using the 6 points in this easy to follow guide, you can ensure that your little one can keep rolling along for years to come.


To inspect your Kiddimoto balance bike:

  1. Check the handle bars, and ensure that the handlebar rings are in the correct position (Superbike, Scrambler), or that the handlebar grips have no visible cracks (Kurve, Super Junior Max).

  2. Spin the tyres around slowly and look for any tears or splits, and give the tyres a light squeeze. The tyres should be firm and full of air - use a standard bike pump and inflate the tyres more if needed.

  3. Check that the front wheel is able to rotate freely, without any clunkiness, by using the handlebars. Note that our Kurve bikes have a steering lock, and have a limited ability to rotate.

  4. Ensure that the seat is secured to the bike, and that the foam isn't damaged (Superbike, Scrambler), or that the faux leather isn't beginning to crack (Kurve, Super Junior Max).

  5. Check the wheel axle bolts on both the front and back wheels - for safe riding, both bolts should be secure and firmly in place. Tighten if needed.

  6. Check that the wood on the bike has no cracks/splits, or any suspicious wear and tear (Superbike, Scrambler, Kurve). Check that the metal frame of the bike doesn't have any dents to suspicious scratches (Super Junior Max).

If you notice anything about your balance bike that raises a concern, please send us a message here, and one of our Kiddimoto gurus will be able to help you diagnose any issues, and supply you with any spare parts that may need to be replaced.

Alternatively, click here to order spare parts directly from us.

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