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10 Tips - Teaching A Child How to Ride a Balance Bike more

Why training wheels are a hinderance!

Quite often when we are out at shows letting little tackers ride our bikes, wearing our beautiful helmets we chat to parents who say "do you see the training wheels to add to... more

Having a Australian Safety Standard on helmets IS important!

You may have been looking around for a new helmet for yourself or your little one, gets a bit confusing doesn't it? Confused about why some have a safety standard and why oth... more

8 Weeks Till Christmas!

With 8 weeks to Christmas the Elves at Kiddimoto have decided we will count down our 8 favourite Kiddimoto products.

Weekly we will showcase a piece from our huge sele... more

Bikes & Helmets are like Peas & Corn

We constantly get asked at Kiddimoto should I get a helmet for my little one who is getting his/her first bike.

At Kiddimoto HQ we believe that if you start them young... more