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Having a Australian Safety Standard on helmets IS important!

Posted by Courtney Williams on

You may have been looking around for a new helmet for yourself or your little one, gets a bit confusing doesn't it? Confused about why some have a safety standard and why others don't? Well here it is in a simple sum up. Helmets that have the AUS/NZ 2063 safety standard have been tried and tested by a independent body to give the utmost protection to the wearer. In Australia and New Zealand it is law for all persons who are riding a bike to wear a helmet that holds the safety standard. It is in the best interest of the wearer that you check this before you purchase a helmet. If the helmet hasn't got a AUS/NZ Safety Standard Sticker, this helmet has more or less just been manufactured and sent out into the world without any testing, so in other words you don't really know that it is going to stand up to the test if a accident should occur. The scary thing is that any old factory (or new) in any part of the world could slap a helmet together, sell it on a website and unfortunately you might as well not be wearing a helmet at all.

Be sensible, you only get one noggin, you can't replace it, so protect it with the safest possible helmet you can, make sure you buy a AUS/NZ safety standard marked helmet. 

And P.S, you can only get a AUS/NZ standard helmet from an Australian Retailer, international seller may claim that they meet the safety standard, but I bet my bottom dollar when you get that helmet in the post, it won't have that all important safety sticker in it! Shop Local.

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