Why training wheels are a hinderance!

Quite often when we are out at shows letting little tackers ride our bikes, wearing our beautiful helmets we chat to parents who say "do you see the training wheels to add to your beautiful bikes?". At first I would ask them to repeat the question, but as time has gone on I have realised that more and more parents or grandparents don't really understand the concept of a balance bike, or really have never seen them before here in Australia.

The short explanation is that training wheels give a child a false sense of security, yes it feels great to see them peddle of and spin around while those two tiny wheel on the back of the bike counter balance them, but what are you actually teaching them? That you will always stay upright on the bike no matter what, and NOT how to balance naturally. What our balance bikes teach them is how to control their bodies when they over steer, go round a corner or get the wobbles. Also how to put their foot down naturally to keep that bike upright. All things that we as older people don't remember learning how to do, but are essential in teaching a child co-ordination.

So although it would be nice to take a photo of your little one burning around the park on their new fan dangled bike (with training wheels) and post it on social media, if you put a little bit of hard work and patience in on getting them riding a balance bike, you will have a happier child in the long term.