Bikes & Helmets are like Peas & Corn

We constantly get asked at Kiddimoto should I get a helmet for my little one who is getting his/her first bike.

At Kiddimoto HQ we believe that if you start them young by teaching that when you get on your bike you automatically put your helmet on, you are teaching that there is simply no other option.

Australia was the first country in the world to mandate bicycle helmets and although many other countries still don’t have the same laws we should be very proud of how far we have come.

Studies over the years have concluded that their is strong evidence that helmets prevent brain injury, spinal injuries and face trauma and interestingly enough nearly 75% of all bicycle-related emergency department presentations were in children ages 15 years and under. In the two years after compulsory helmet wearing legislation was introduced in Victoria, the number of bicyclists with head injuries decreased by 48% and 70% in each of the two years, relative to the last year before the law.

Enough reasons yet?

Get a Australian Safety Standard approved Kiddimoto helmet on your little one from day dot.