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Development Through Balance Learning

Posted by Courtney Williams on

A young boy with a Kiddimoto Red Goggle helmet on, and a caption that reads "Development Through Balance Learning"

It is incredible how learning a few simple things at a young age can contribute to developing a wide range of skills in a growing child.

There's more to balance bikes than just learning how to cycle. The skills that a young child learns from riding a balance bike (or balance learning) can translate into balance, muscles, posture, coordination, confidence and more that can improve their academic performance and physical capabilities well into adulthood.

This level of development represents the foundation for later movement skills, such as drawing or writing when they're in school, and as adults when performing complex and high-precision jobs as surgeons, airplane pilots, and violinists.

Dr. Jean Piaget, a Swiss child psychologist and biologist, recognised that a child's ability to understand the world around them and communicate with others is based on early, adequate sensory and motor-skill development and integration, as well as a stable emotional development. 

You can even become involved with your child's development by encouraging short walks to and from kindergarten, or family bike rides on the weekend. Doing so can provide valuable time for bonding with your child, and strengthen their trust in you as a positive parental role model. 

By frequently practicing a low-strain physical activity, children can grow used to exercising, and become more likely to enjoy and seek out exercise as they grow up. The most up-to-date health advice is that children under 5 should be physically active for at least 3 hours every day.


But although this all sounds fantastic from a parent's perspective, how do you encourage your child to take the first few steps? Make it fun!

Children are naturally more receptive to learning and development through play, and encouragement from a parent can help guide them as they learn new skills that can carry over to other aspects of life.

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