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Why Are Balance Bikes Better Than Training Wheels?

Posted by Courtney Williams on

Photo of a boy with his Metallic Teal helmet, Valentino Rossi gloves, and a Batbike Kurve balance bike, with the caption "Why Are Balance Bikes Better Than Training Wheels?"

For the longest time, training wheels were considered the only way to teach your child how to ride a bike. But do training wheels really help them learn the skills they need? 

Training wheels have been a staple for helping children learn how to ride bikes for years, but the recent popularity of balance bikes is proving to be more than a passing trend. Parents have made the switch over to balance learning, and for good reason!

Children can begin riding on a balance bike from the age of 2 upwards, much earlier than they would if they were starting on a bike with training wheels. By beginning to learn at a younger age, the process becomes more natural - beginning by sitting on the bike and beginning to walk slowly, and then working their way up to a confident run once their skills have developed.

The most important thing that a balance bike can teach your child is, of course, balancing!

A well trained sense of balance, coordination, and confidence can help children remained focused for a long time while learning. Once these skills have been gained, they will stick with your child in other areas of development, and carry well into adulthood.

Unfortunately, we have found from personal experience that having training wheels on a bike can be a lot for a young child to focus on at once - the pedals, the brake, trying not to oversteer - and we have streamlined the designs in our balance bikes to make them easy for toddlers to begin learning on.

A bike with training wheels can reinforce the idea that a bike will always stand upright without the child needing to balance - by teaching them the most important aspect of riding first, it simplifies the process of learning. 


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