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Why Kiddimoto?

It was the bright idea of Courtney's hubby Nick, who being a keen motorbike rider and MotoGp fan had this young Australian family jump into the world of Kiddimoto. 

Trying to find the perfect 1st birthday present for their daughter Scarlet, Nick wanted to buy a motorbike style balance bike to start his daughter learning the art of balance and co-ordination, but when they couldn't get one in Australia, Nick prompted Courtney to investigate the possibility of starting the Kiddimoto Australia branch.

Years later and with three beautiful children , Courtney runs a family friendly, good old fashioned Australian customer service based business, trying to break the mould that big is better. Kiddimoto Australia prides itself in personal service, putting yourself in the other persons shoes and just being a plain decent, unselfish person can make for a very satisfying day at work.

With the support of her wonderful husband, who grounds her when she starts to let her mind wander about all the different bikes and helmets she could create, her great staff who have like minded morals and her wonderful children, who admittedly have been great "guinea pigs" for the products, the business is growing at a wonderful rate, with amazing plans and products arriving in 2015.

But, Kiddimoto Australia wouldn't be where it is today without the wonderful support of the UK Kiddimoto owner Simon Booth, who has supported Courtney with her adventure and freedom to create, even taking on her recent Australian designs and sending them worldwide, the Skull & Bone as well as the Butterfly range which Courtney designed herself in her home office in Palm Cove QLD. 

Courtney's whole aim in her business is to get children outside, playing, experiencing and learning. Learning to ride a bike should be a right for every child, as the adventures they will experience along the way will stay with them forever. The joy of receiving photos, videos and emails off parents who's children smile with pure happiness when they are riding their bikes, wearing their helmets or playing in their Boxkarts, makes every single working minute a absolute privilege.