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Helmet Fitting Guide


A graphic demonstrating our 2V1 rule in action, with our Pastel Dotty Helmet

Unfortunately, we have seen many cases where the adjuster clips of a child’s helmet are pulled all the way down, or where the helmet sits slightly lopsided when worn.

In order for a helmet to protect your child’s head, the helmet should be sitting snugly against their head, with even coverage on all sides, including (especially!) the forehead.


To fit your child’s helmet:

Place two fingers horizontally just above their eyebrow -  just above those fingers should be where the helmet sits over their forehead. You can use the adjustment dial at the back of the helmet to help keep it steady and in place.

Next, use two fingers to make a V shape over your child’s ears. The adjuster clips of the adjustment straps should sit just around where your fingers meet at the bottom of the V. Alternatively, you can tighten the straps so that they sit just below your child’s earlobes. 

Finally, you should be able to fit one finger between your child’s chin and where the buckle of the helmet sits. It should be tight, but comfortable enough that it won’t distract them while riding.

We call this golden rule our 2 finger, 1 finger rule (2V1 rule).

For a safe ride every time, we recommend that you teach your child the 2 finger, 1 finger rule so that they can learn the importance of safe riding, as well as caring for their helmet, and check your child’s helmet before they go out each time to ensure that the helmet is adjusted correctly. 


If you have any trouble fitting your child's helmet after following this guide, please feel free to send us an email at info@kiddimoto.com.au, and one of our Kiddimoto gurus would love to help you out!