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Why Kiddimoto?

Kiddimoto bike safety

Why do your photos show children with no helmets riding your bikes?

Some of our photos are from the UK, here in Australia it is mandatory that a bike helmet be worn. We have some great helmet designs to choose from - please browse our helmet collection.

What safety standards are the bikes made to?

Kiddimoto bikes are made to British Standard EN71 which is a worldwide standard. Unfortunately in Australia there isn't a safety standard on balance bikes, beware of other balance bikes that are not from a reputable balance bike expert.

Our bikes also meet the CE standard and adhere to all the safety requirements for toxic free paints. 

We also offer a 2 year warranty on all bikes, that's how confidence we are that our bikes are the industry leader.

Is the bike meant for indoor as well as outdoor use?

Sure, no problem. Your balance bike is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

Why can't the bike be used on gravel or sand?

It is very difficult for a small child to push a bike through gravel or sand. It is the same as you trying to ride your bike through soft sand.

Why can't the bike be used on hills?

It is pretty dangerous. Your child may not be able to stop or control their bike on a hill. Think safety first!

Can children fall off a balance bike?

Yes. However, it is just like them falling when they are walking or running. A child's feet are always on the ground with a balance bike.

Why don't your bikes have a hand brake?

It is very tricky for a small child to work a brake. However we realise that some like the extra challenge, so we now offer a brake on our metal range for those who feel that it is necessary at this age.